By contributing to our vision, you will be creating a world where every child and youth grow up with a belief in the future and the opportunity to positively impact their own lives. Project Playground prides itself as an organisation where teamwork is key, compliance is paramount, innovation and creativity is encouraged and strength is gained through shared knowledge and partnership. 



Our Donation Store is where you can buy our special Ubunye Bracelets to show your support in the fight against Gender Based Violence this Mandela Day

For a more direct way of donating, please see our options below.


For a quick way to donate to us if you are a South African or have the SnapScan app. You can also choose to be a monthly donor. Click on the image or the green box to be redirected to the app.

Electronic Funds Transfer

FNB Business Account

Account Number: 62819574189

Branch Code: 255355
Account Holder: Project Playground Trust


Covid-19 Campaign

The impact of Covid-19 for our participants and their families have been detrimental and are going to keep getting worse even as the pandemic comes to an end. We have a special campaign dedicated to helping those who have been impacted the most.

Coronavirus Education and Wellness Campaign

The impact that Coronavirus (COVID-19) will have on vulnerable communities will be detrimental. This is why Project Playground is seeking support in reducing the impact of Coronavirus on the townships in Cape Town. Click on the link below to find out what we are trying to do and how you can help.


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