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Through a range of educational, recreational and supportive initiatives, Project Playground, through the division Play and Learn, increases knowledge and creates opportunities for children and youth to claim their rights to equal development

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Play Is The Highest Form Of Research

Our Early Childhood Development program focuses on school readiness and play which combined gives each individual child a thriving foundation.

Art & Drama

Just Create

Our Art & Drama program encourages creativity, reflection and free thinking. Through Art & Drama, children can explore emotions that can be the most difficult to express. One of our goals is to restore a child's wellbeing and function in a dysfunctional society.


Change The World, Girl

Our successful netball program teaches our participants much more than just the sport itself. It is an opportunity to encourage team spirit both on and off the field. We use this program to build resilience against gender based inequality. 

Music & Dance

Music Is The Medicine Of The Mind

Our Music & Dance program incorporates movement as a tool towards health and wellbeing. We believe that Music & Dance enhances self- expression and in turn helps our children process trauma and internal conflict. 


Play. Inspire. Unite.

Our inspiring soccer program promotes a holistic approach to the sport, including tactics, academics and character building. We recognise the importance of strengthening and shaping our participants to contribute to the development of an equal society.

Life Skills

Teaching How To Think, Not What To Think

In all programs, we place huge emphasis on instilling life skills. This, by facilitating activities that brings to light social ills, in order to build character, teach resilience and infuse accountability. 

Take a look at a clear picture of what a Play and Learn participant's journey looks like at Project Playground South Africa
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