We provide a platform for parents and guardians to share, learn and take action to address a variety of challenges our participants face in their everyday lives and to  promote a more equal and inclusive society.

When I Needed A Hand,   I Found Your Paw

AAT is where animals are included in an individual or group session to facilitate the achievement of goals set for each of our participants.

Keep Your Head

Held High

For our participants who are not yet able to hold themselves upright, we facilitate the process through a customised program. This includes ensuring correct seated positions, spending time in standing frames, and for those able, the usage of walking frames.

Look Who's


SLT entails mostly individual session where our participants' breathing, ability to chew and swallow, letter and word shaping, and sentence development is addressed. 

All Our Knowledge Begins With The Senses

We empower our participants by exposing them to sensory stimulation in a structured and repetitive way. We measure their progress through our monthly monitoring and evaluation system to ensure steady progress. 

Grow Through What You Go Through

Physiotherapy includes assessing and strengthening our participants to reach their full potential. This is done through massaging, stretching and exercise.

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