One of our unique strengths as an organisation is our inspiring staff force. They are the father- and mother figures, mentors and role models at all areas of life for our children to look up to and feel supported by. We ask of them to practice what they preach and walk the talk as you can only reproduce who you are. We support them in this through offering monthly one on one coaching sessions and seminars and workshops in order to develop skills and mindsets needed in both their professional and personal life. Trainings range from computer skills, trauma counselling and mindfulness to leadership and self-development.


Our incredible group of staff work together to make the impossible possible. Their talent, skills and hearts know no bounds and they are who make everyday at Project Playground possible.


My vision is to provide a safe space where children are allowed to enjoy their childhood, but also where they develop a strong self-esteem, self-worth and become accountable individuals who participate in society. Project Playground is my baby, it is my dream come true and my life's work. It is my purpose and my gift to my own children and the future generation. A world which is a little bit better, safer and happier than today


Centre Manager Langa

My vision is to create a team that leads by example. I love the individual approach to child/youth development. Project Playground is not my job. It is my work.


Centre manager Gugulethu

My vision is to instill a positive self-image and identity in children and youth so they can become the best version of themselves. I love the focus on developing the self-esteem of african children. Every child needs a champion. Project Playground is that champion


Occupational Therapist Langa and Gugulethu

My vision is to make every moment that a child spends at Project Playground meaningful. The service we provide is what I would dream for each and every child that I have met and worked with


Co-Founder & Director


 Deputy Directory & HR Manager

My vision is a world where everyone leads healthy lives with high self-esteem, happiness and humbleness where they value themselves enough to also value others. I wish to inspire people to understand their capabilities and worth within mind, body and soul in order to decrease their Ego and increase their Self-Esteem. Project Playground goes beyond what is expected and we are not a charity but invests in holistic development within every individual we work with. We do not only focus on our children's self-esteem but also our staffs well being in order to create role models that in turn inspires the community around them


Finance Manager

I hope to contribute with my skill to the positive and innovative growth of Project
Playground. With a sound foundation in terms of Financial Management and Human Resource management, Project Playground will be able to thrive and focus on what we do best. I love all the small success stories and the change we as a team achieve bit by bit. PPG is a pioneer in its field and creates hope

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